Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Rating system

Okay so i feel i should clarify how it is that i rate the books i read. i decided that i would use the same categories i use to classify movies. just a warning that some times they aren't really specifically set, some books can move around in the system but i like it this way b/c nothing is ever definite


Loved it: these are books that i absolutely fell in love with. i could read them over and over again without ever really getting tired of them. the corresponding star rating would be 5.

Great: This one has a lot of similarities to the previous category the only difference being these are books that i don't obsess about. i still love them and would give them about a 4 or 5 but i would eventually get tired of these and put them aside for a while. there can be some over lap between the two if i lose obsessiveness about a book and it falls into this category.

Pretty good: These books are decent. they entertained me for the moment but they didn't have that special something. its kind of hard to describe what i mean but its like the kind of movie you would wait to see on DVD b/c its not quite worth the price to see it in theaters. this would be about a 3 star book

eh...: in comparison to a tv show, these are the nothing else on kind of books. they can hold your attention, but if there was anything else better on you wouldn't really watch it.

Hated it!!!!: these are books that i flat out hate with a passion. not really too many fall into this category.

Incredibly stupid: just what the name says, stupid but you could sit through it if you had the willpower to do so

like it but is bad: these are books i like, they entertain but critically aren't up to par with the greats. the movie equivalent i have is bring it on. a funny movie that you enjoy but not the greatest piece of cinematic genius. sort of the mindless comedy

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