Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October Read-A-Thon 2012

What: The Dewey's Read-A-thon
Who: You! And any friends you can force to join!
When: This Saturday the 13th
Where: Anywhere you can take a book, your house, the park, the library, upside down on you bed, lounging in the backyard, at a restaurant, waiting in line.
How: Pick up and read as many books as possible in a 24 hour period. Go without sleep. Ignore your housework. Ignore your friends. Just read all day!

It seems that waiting until the last minute to join the read-a-thon is my tradition. Though to be fair, I work in retail and my schedule varies so I don't usually know if I will be off. And I am a procrastinator. Which of course means I am still tweaking my to-read pile. I am visiting the library later today so it will hopefully be in the final stages soon. Check back soon. Happy reading everyone!


ShaReKay said...

Glad you decided to join the fun. Shish boom bah! Go Team Smarties!

Buried In Print said...

I'm curious to see what you found at the library. Hopefully lots of tempting choices!

"I am a very quick reader – I have as I’ve said, very large, squarish eyes that seem to be able to fit over a good patch of the page." Jane Gardam

Here’s to large, squarish eyes, perfect for Read-a-Thon-ing! Keep it up!

azuki said...

How is the reading?
Cheering you on from Team Smarties!